2008 MLB Betting Predictions – Top 5 World Series Winning Teams

With the 2008 MLB season getting closer and closer, it’s time for you to start thinking about who is going to win the 2008 World Series also to decide if you would like to take an opportunity and place a bet on your favorite team. I will experience the 2008 MLB Betting Predictions on the Top 5 teams and base these about which the sports books are currently showing for their online chances and my opinion. Remember, once you’re making MLB betting predictions for your World Series you want to be certain that you have the bankroll to back it. Picking a winner is a very long shot, as the baseball season will be a long haul and several things can occur. But, if you can afford to put a bet the possible yield can be quite high and worth the chance.

At the moment the favorite, in accordance with the majority of sports novels, could be the Boston Red Sox to shoot all and you can get about a 4 1 or better yield on your dollars. That’s a fantastic pay outside, however as you may see by the likelihood, it is still a relatively significant risk bet. Their opponent this past year from the 2007 World Series was that the Colorado Rockies and the current MLB chances for these to secure the Series this season is approximately 22-1. As you can observe, it’s very a long shot to allow them to win this past year. Building a MLB gaming prediction today for a World Series winner is actually a high-level bet and should be viewed as that. But it’s rather an enjoyable bet to place when you’ve got a good deposit though.

1 ) ) Boston Red Sox –

Current favorite at most sports books and predicated on last year operation there exists a fantastic chance they will allow it to be there again. They basically have the identical team as last year and certainly will be strong again. Start looking for them to make the post season and fight it outside. Money traces from +400 to +520.

Two ) Ny Mets –

The upcoming few spots, including this one, will vary sports prediction on the sport novel you glance at. Once you’re looking that far in to the near future the MLB forecasts get harder to pick. So I am placing the Mets from the number 2 spot as that is apparently the majority consensus for those sports books that I utilize. The Mets dropped at the end of last season but that I wouldn’t expect the same this past year. They have added nurturing ace Johan Santana and he will earn a large difference. He’s the better pitcher in the match and he needs to help them through out the year and also into the post . Money traces from +400 to +638.

3) Detroit Tigers –

Third location is just another challenging pick. It’s basically a toss up and I’m putting the Tigers before the Yankees when it comes to my MLB gaming forecasts. They have made improvements to a strong offense by the addition of Renteria and Cabrera and extra depth to the pitching staff by picking up Dontrelle Willis. 2008 will find them strong and healthy and potentially the very best team in baseball. Money lines from +460 into +700.

4) New York Yankees –

Finally the Yankees show up on the list. The continuing power house is beginning to stagger a bit under the weight of the quantity of good teams around. They are going to be able to set the runs up but are suspicious in the bull pen. There are certainly a good deal of question marks out there and that is the reason why sports bettors are backing off them on a bit, and of course the loss of manager Joe Torres. People loves to bet them and also there are luck throughout the season out to take advantage of this. Money lines from +460 to +700.

5) La Angels –

The Angels are a really strong team in the AL and again have a excellent shot at winning the AL West. They have added Tori Hunter into the line up and he will help the crime and the outfield. If it comes to pitching Lackey must have another strong year but you want to see how number-two pitcher, Kelvim Escobar, comes home from his shoulder injury. He will also skip the first month of the regular season, however, shouldn’t influence the teams standing in the standings. Money lines from +530 into +1400

These will be the Top 5 MLB betting predictions for the 2008 World Series winner. Since you can see, the money lines vary a lot between your sports books, therefore to bet the maximum value you should choose which team you wish to bet on and look for the best odds. It might even be well worth enrolling in a new one to receive the most effective odds, which is even more important to get a bet such as this, with a high risk. You require the high-reward to balance out it. It is also valuable to utilize more then one sports novel during the normal season, if you never have more then one sports book accounts already, this may possibly be a good chance to find that 2nd or 3rd one and make the most out of one’s MLB betting prediction for the World Series and the regular season as odds vary most the time.

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