Dinner Is Served – On The Poker Table

Having a full sized high quality Poker Table at home is a luxury most poker players would love. They do, however take up a lot of room when not in use. I supposed you can always fold laundry or store stuff on it. A folding leg table is a great substitute. The only thing is, these have to be stored somewhere too, and you might even have to move furniture around to set it up with enough room for all the players. There is a better way to go if you have the budget.

A full size Convertible Poker Dining Table is the perfect answer Online betting malaysia. This piece of fine furniture comes as a full sized table seating 10 players in comfort or as a round dining table for 8 players. Both styles have removable, hand carved ball and claw pedestal legs that are rock solid, and polished to a beautiful wood finish. The wooden race track also adds additional beauty and class to these pieces of fine poker furniture. These are not designed to be portable, but can be transported, similar to a dining room table.

The best part is that these poker tables can be easily converted to a terrific looking dining table. Just lift on, or off, the hand polished wood dining top that fits like a glove. You can serve dinner, and then play poker, all on the same table.

These custom crafted dining table tops offer several different options. They come in oval or rectangular shaped dining tops, and round or square dining table tops for the round poker table. You can choose the color of the playing felt too.

Of course there are much less expensive poker table tops and playing surfaces. Some can even be rolled up and carried in a bag. These are very inexpensive, very portable, and work really well as a playing surface for your own table.

When you’re playing a game of poker it’s nice to have a good playing surface of some kind to play on. Chips bouncing around on a hard surface, and cards sliding off the table, detract from the game. And there are several great solutions.