Self Improvement Requires Faith and Persistence

About me, I receive many e-mails from people around the world wanting to make improvements both personally and professionally. And I’ll admit, that self improvement does mean different things to different people, but the one thing many people can agree upon is the proactive desire in self improvement in specific aspects of your life.

Your question is identify various areas of your life that need improvement in, and to develop a smart goals map in getting there. Self improvement is a life-long process. As human beings, we are all marred by sin. Don’t worry, this is not a sermon on the mount, or dissertation on theology 101 for you agnostics or anti God people.

But I do have enough experience approaching 11 years of helping private industry and private individuals in setting goals and from my experience, believe one of the many reasons people suffer through failures in their lives, is not having the trusting faith in God, and in their God given abilities in pursuing your life dreams.

Hope and Faith

Where is your hope and faith in life? As a Christian believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior, I believe completely in the power of prayer that only God Almighty is able to provide. Life is tough enough and a challenge on good days, and my hope and faith in God above is able to overcome any obstacle that the world brings my way, including areas of self improvement.

If you’re struggling with self improvement in your own life, ask God in your prayers in helping you in these specific areas that you need help in overcoming. Ask Him how to meditate to Him, in helping you in yourself improvement pursuits in life. If everything else you’ve tried in self improvement has not worked, you have everything to gain including your eternal salvation, in trusting in God in helping you to overcome obstacles and challenges in your life.

God wants nothing but successful relationships with all God’s children. If you want to know the secret in how to succeed in your life, put God first in your lifeā€¦

Develop a Positive Attitude Mindset

You have heard the statement in health circles; “you are what you eat.”, with respect to nutritional health for people trying to live more healthier lives. Well the same is even more true about your mental outlook on life. Just as it is true you are what you put into your mouth and your body regarding food intake, you are what you think, what you allow to penetrate your mind.

This is not an indictment on your positive attitude or lack thereof, only to challenge you into examining your attitude. Do you genuinely think of positive uplifting thoughts to influence your mind and your day, or do you lack the required positive thinking mindset needed for self improvement and accomplishing your life goals? Pray and ask God to help you in this area if your attitude needs adjustment.

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